About Joseph...

“A multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist Joseph Hasty is immersed in a life of music. Audiences might find this retired school teacher playing guitar or upright bass, and — depending on the venue — the sounds they’ll hear could be anything from jazz to bluegrass to holiday tunes. His passion for playing is the glue that holds it all together.””

Bill Kopp - Bold Life Magazine

In a musical career that has spanned over 30 years, Joseph Hasty has been influenced by a host of legendary artists - in a wide variety of musical genres - evidence of which can be heard on his CD release of original songs: "Rhythm Changes".  His extensive performing experience has carried him to stages in America, Australia and Europe - where he lived for seven years.

A three-time recipient of the "Regional Artist's Grant" award presented through the North Carolina Arts Council, Joseph currently plays guitar and/or upright bass and sings lead or harmony vocals with several regional acts in Western North Carolina including his own Jazz combo: "Centerpiece Jazz".

A gifted performer who displays talents as a composer and arranger, Joseph honed his skills performing on street corners in Europe during the 1980's and credits the "Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar" book for his distinctive jazzy-rhythmic-guitar style.

A retired school teacher, Joseph's recently released CD of all original material: "Rhythm Changes", is an eclectic blend of Acoustic Jazz that has received substantial radio airplay on regional NPR stations. Featuring swing tunes, Latin rhythms and smooth vocals, "Rhythm Changes" has been described as 'Fantastic!'.


"Very talented and charismatic... Joseph is a masterful guitarist and bassist."
          - Claire Armbruster; President of Planning Stages, Inc.; Nashville, TN

"The level of competence as a musician and the professional attitude that Joseph exhibits is of as high a quality as any individual that I have had the pleasure of working with."
        - Brad Hubbard; Saxophonist - New York City

"Distinctive, instantly appealing and extremely musical... a sound that transcends time."
        - Michael Clark; Editor of THE LOAFER; Johnson City, TN

"His showmanship, professionalism and wide-range of musical styles make him the perfect choice... I can recommend Joseph to anyone in need of a guitarist, singer or just plain entertainer!"
        - Esther A. Fichman; Profiline Promotions; Zurich, Switzerland

"Your enthusiastic and cheerful personality as well as your wide range of music added a special touch to our largest event of the year!"
        - Faith Whittlesey; U.S. Ambassador; Bern, Switzerland


Joseph and his album "Rhythm Changes":

 - Kim Clark; WNCW 88.7 FM

The recording/production quality is excellent, with each element clean and easy to hear. Strong timbral contrast makes for a satisfying ensemble sound".  "Tons of great lines, I can't even count the number of clever rhymes... and the vocal delivery brings it home. Great job, Joseph!" 
 - TAXI A&R Staff

"To hear the polished acoustic jazz of Joseph Hasty's new album 'Rhythm Changes', you would never guess that music is not his full-time profession... the lyrics in many of the songs are amusing and light-hearted..." 
 - Gina Smith; Charlotte Observer

"I have selected cuts #5 (Sinceramente), #7 (Samba de la Isla) and #11 (Carolina de Merida) for inclusion in regular rotation on my program 'Heartstrings'. Thank you!" 
 - Mel Lowe; WSGE 91.7 FM